Startup Design and Planning

Whether you’re prelaunch or already operational, there’s a lot to do. We specialize in supporting startups with the following:

  • Business plan development
  • Financial models
  • Market analysis
  • Requirements documentation
  • User Interface / User Experience (UX/UI) design
  • Website development

Financial Setup and Ongoing Support

We can quickly set up a system of technology, processes, and procedures for tracking and managing your finances, keeping your accounting records updated, and giving you deeper insight into your financial performance, all while saving time and money. We can provide the following:

  • Record, classify, and reconcile financial activity (between books and bank records) to keep financial records timely and accurate
  • Set up and maintain technology for expense tracking, invoicing, document management, time tracking, etc.
  • Create and present financial statements
  • Support budgeting and benchmarking analyses
  • Accounts payable (A/P) management
  • Accounts receivable (A/R) management

Analyst and Reporting Services

Deo Bookkeeping is the right firm to analyze your financial and business data, provide solutions, and report to you in a way that makes it easy to understand, relevant, and stands up to the scrutiny of management, partners, and investors. This includes the following:

  • Google Analytics tracking and reporting (for example to track design effectiveness)
  • Monthly reporting and analysis, providing data interpretation on metrics beyond regular financial statements
  • Identify revenue optimization / expense minimization opportunities
  • Research support (e.g., data analysis, industry research, interviews, surveys)
  • Proposal and client deliverable support

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