Security and Trust

If you’re feeling uneasy about sharing your intellectual property (IP) or financial data, that’s not a bad thing. These are likely your company’s most valuable assets, and you should share access only with someone you trust. Deo Bookkeeping uses bank-level security (256-bit data encryption) and works with top-ranked software providers which protect your data with industry leading-practices and tools. We print documents sparingly, shred everything, and limit sensitive electronic data transfers.

We have a strong track record with protecting client information. We have held (without incident) security clearances with the DOC (Commerce), DHS, GSA, IRS, Peace Corps, US Patent and Trade Office, USPS, and several private organizations. While serving these clients, we continually received the latest cyber security and data protection trainings, and executed work according to strict data protection policies. We continue using these policies at Deo Bookkeeping, and are confident we are doing everything possible to protect your data.